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This Floating World - Petal ShowerEdie Hill
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Petal Shower is the fourth movement of Edie Hills This Floating World. This solo flute piece was composted in 2004 and each of the five movements are based off of a Japanese haiku by Matsuo Basho. Basho lived during the 1600s. He was not the originator of the haiku, but he is credited with perfecting this form of poetry. Edie hill is able to take the imagery from each haiku and transform it into music. 


A petal shower

Of mountain roses

And the sound of the rapids

Three Sketches for Piccolo and Piano, DuskKatherine Hoover
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Dusk is the first movement of Katherine Hoovers Three Sketches for Piccolo and Piano. This movement explores the gentle sounds of the low register of the piccolo in the quiet atmosphere of evening. Katherine Hoover (1937-2018) was an American composer known her for "romantic, pictorial atonal style". Many of her pieces have become standard works in the flute repetiore.

Sonata in D Major, Op. 94 Mvmt 1Sergei Prokofiev
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Prokofiev completed this sonata in the summer of 1943. In regards to writing a sonata for the flute, Prokofiev noted, "[the flute] had for a long time attracted me, and it seemed to me that it had been made little use of in musical literature..." This piece was premiered in Moscow on December 7. 1943 by flutist Kharkovsky and pianist Sviatoslov Ritcher. Among those in the audience was violinist David Oistrakh who later persuaded Prokofiev to arrange this sonata for violin and piano. 

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